August 7, 2017


The reason why I would like to go to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is to see the Harry Potter World and of course to buy their souvenirs (especially Dumbledore wand). I am afraid of heights, so I wouldn’t dare to try all that thrill attractions. At first, I did not know that in order to enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you have to queue another ticket. I just realized around 11 or 12 pm that we need additional ticket (you do not need to purchase). Luckily, I got the tickets around 1 or 2pm. It was totally crowded since it was Christmas eve. So, I suggest you guys once you are there, you need to run to the Harry Potter Machine to book the entrance ticket. I did not play much attractions in the Universal Studios since it took around 2 hours or more to queue. However, if you would to play all, I suggest you two buy the express pass. I intended to buy the express ticket, but when I reached at the USJ, it was sold out. Ok here is another tips, YOU NEED TO GO EARLY, in order to play all the attractions. It would be better if you reach around 8-9am there. You could not try all the attractions in one day, so choose the attractions carefully.

( Took a picture in front of the USJ gate)

Additionally, I would like to recommend some of the attractions in the USJ, so you would not end up wasting your time trying all the attractions. (Grab a Map and go directly to these attractions)

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
  2. Jurassic Park – The Ride
  3. Hollywood Dream – The Ride Back Drop ( I couldn’t dare to try this, I am afraid of heights)
  4. Hollywood Dream – The Ride
  5. The Flying Dinosaur
  6. Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ( it took us 3.5 hours to queue) GOSHHH!


(It was really cold out there, so I put my hands inside the jacket. Took this picture before queuing the attraction)

(My Boyfriend and I took a picture in front of the 3.5 hour-queue attraction)

So, that’s my journey in USJ. Hope these tips would help you guys. ENJOY!


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