August 5, 2017


I reached in Osaka, Japan around 2.30 pm and it took 1.30 hours to go to our hotel. In Osaka, I stayed at Hotel New Hankyu Osaka for 3 days. It was recommended by my friend, Vincent! Thank you, Vincent! Since it was my first time to go to Japan, I had my trip arranged. After checking in the hotel, we straightly went to Umeda Sky Building. According to the research I found, I need to visit this place since it is the icon in Osaka. It took us more than 2.5 hours to go to the observatory (It was Christmas eve and so crowded). Below is the picture of the view I got from the Umeda Sky Building. Overall, it was worth to go up. FYI, the admission ticket is 1000 yen per person.

Next, we went to Shinsaibashi – Dotonbori. It’s just like Orchard Road in Singapore. I did not take a lot of photos here, coz it was so cold and the wind makes it colder. The Shinsaibashi more looks like shopping street to me with trendy boutiques, retail stores, etc. such as H&M, Zara, UniQlo. By the time I reached in Shinsaibashi, most of the stores were almost closed. So, I only looked around for 30 minutes and walk to find food. In the end, I ended up trying the infamous ramen, Ichiran Ramen. My parents were the one who queuing for the Ramen (1.30 hours queuing), while I went to Don Quijote Store looking for souvenirs.

   (Ichiran Ramen)

After dining in Ichiran Ramen, we went to stroll around and take same photos. Thanks to my boyfriend who took this photo! Btw, in my picture, there was a huge crab sign. I think they sell some kind of takoyaki. Since, I did not like takoyaki, I did not try it.

My little brother helped me to choose some snacks. Here in the Don Quijote, they sell various of things such as, food, souvenirs, make up, luggage, etc. You can find anything in this store. They also sell electronic stuffs even though it is not complete. For those who are looking for electronic stuffs, I recommend you guys to check Yodobashi Umeda.

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