How to save money as an International Student in Singapore?

July 19, 2017

Most of my friends asked me how could you only spend $400-$600 in a month?! Actually, my parents gave me more money during my stay in Singapore. However, I saved them to buy something!!! Below are some useful tips that you can use as an International Student who want to save more money:

1. Download this app called WALLY in ios or Android (NOT SPONSORED)

This app truly helps me! You can begin by inserting $400-$600 (up to you) as your income. The app will directly adjust your daily consumption. For instance, I entered $400 as my monthly income, so I am allowed to only spend $13 a day.

2. Bring everything cheap from your country

Since I am from Indonesia, most of daily needs here are cheaper than Singapore. I used to bring a lot of things from Indo, such as toothpaste, napkin, shampoo, lotion, hairtonic, medicines, etc. For comparison, I use sensodyne as my toothpaste. In Singapore, the price of sensodyne is $7.20 (, while in Indonesia, the price of sensodyne is only $3. Next, I brought my own rice, fish, salmon, and other foods from Indonesia. The food I brought can be used 1-2 weeks in Singapore.

3. Only go out from Friday to Sunday

Get used to go only from Friday to Sunday only and used your weekdays to work on your assignments, part-time (if you find any, since in Singapore you are not allowed to work), study. If you want to watch a movie, watch on weekdays and use student card for cheaper price!

4. Buy used textbooks from senior and sell used textbooks on Carousell or junior (NOT SPONSORED)

This tip really worked on me. I never bought any new books during my study in Singapore. I bought all my books from my senior and I sold it to my junior. If you have different books with your senior, you can ask some of your friends who buy new textbook and photocopy.

5. Use Bus and Never use Taxi unless necessary


I really really really save a lot of money from transportation since I do not need to use transportation to school. I can just walk to school for 10 minutes. I consider that taxi in Singapore is quite expensive compared to my home country, Indonesia. So, I think it would be better for you guys to only use taxi on weekends or if it is rain or something urgent comes up. Alternatively, you can use UBER or GRAB since it is cheaper than commercial taxi.

6. Find a place that near your SCHOOL

It is really a good choice for you guys to find a place that near your school, so you can save money on the transportation. Compared to my friends who stay far away from the school, I can save up to $50-$65. For those who are going to attend Curtin University in Singapore, it would be good to stay around Balestier Road area. It is located near Curtin (10 mins walk), only 2 mins to Shaw Plaza (they have movie theatre and supermarket where I used to shop), famous BOON TONG KEE chicken rice, and famous founder bak kut teh. Ok, I think I should be an agent property. lol.

If you guys have any more ways on how to save money in Singapore, you can write it on the comments down below 🙂


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