Hello Everyone! I’m Sherry Lyne and you can call me Sherry. I find inspiration in investments such as stocks, foreign exchange, and mutual funds. First, I thought that investment was not important until I read the story of Warren Buffett. In addition to investor, I am also very passionate about fashion and being entrepreneur. Since I was in elementary school, I always try to sell things like binders, accessories, and school supplies. From the money I gathered, I spent my money to buy books since I like to read.

When Fast and Furious movie was booming in 2008, I tried to convince my dad to buy me a car (I was 14 at that time). I tried to collect money buy selling a lot of stuffs such as, clothes, shoes, etc. From the money I gathered, I spent the money to modify my car. Finally, I won the best lady owner after joining several competitions.

I stopped playing with cars right before I went to Singapore for studying. I entered Curtin University in Singapore taking finance and marketing as my major. Currently, I am based in Surabaya, Indonesia and try to focus on my jewelry business, stocks, and co-working space. You guys can check it out at @lacheriejewellery and @hiveandco.sub.

Btw, I create this blog because some of my followers ask me about how to start investing in stocks and also try to blog about my travel journey. Through my social media platform, I would like to inspire others and encourage others to find their true passion. So, please enjoy my first blog.

Thank you so much for reading!